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Bridging Beauty 
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Bridging Beauty
& Science

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Skinolour is a groundbreaking beauty and grooming brand that redefines industry standards by seamlessly integrating cosmetology and trichology. With a visionary approach, Skinolour empowers salons to offer science-driven, personalized services, leveraging cutting-edge technology and expert guidance. Founded by Dr. Sushil Chaudhary and Ms. Karishma Anadkat, Skinolour’s mission is to revolutionize the beauty landscape, setting new standards that celebrate individuality and transformation. Through a fusion of artistry and science, Skinolour invites clients to experience a future where beauty meets innovation, resulting in elevated salon experiences and lasting, impactful results
Our Location

Office No. 302 and 303, Third Floor, ‘Royal Avenue’, Pimple Saudagar, Maharashtra 411017

Phone Number

+91 87887 36866



Opening Hours

Everyday open from
08:00 AM till 07:00 PM



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Skinolour is a pioneering brand that blends cosmetology and trichology to revolutionize beauty and grooming services. Our unique approach combines science and aesthetics for comprehensive, personalized treatments.

Partnering with Skinolour equips your salon with advanced technology and expert guidance, allowing you to offer science-backed treatments, stand out from competitors, and diversify your service offerings.

Skinolour offers a range of treatments, including laser hair removal, anti-aging solutions, chemical peels, breast enhancement, and more. Our services address various skin and hair concerns using cutting-edge methods.

Yes, all Skinolour treatments are conducted by skilled professionals and utilize advanced technology, ensuring safety and effectiveness. Our team prioritizes client well-being and optimal results.

Skinolour's experts will conduct thorough consultations to understand your goals and concerns. Based on your needs, they will recommend personalized treatments that align with your desired outcomes.

Absolutely. Skinolour treatments are designed not only for immediate results but also for lasting transformations. Many clients experience sustained benefits well beyond their initial treatments.

Yes, our treatments prioritize natural results. Whether it's anti-aging solutions or cosmetic enhancements, Skinolour's approach aims to enhance your beauty while maintaining your unique features.

Yes, Skinolour's treatments are designed to cater to diverse skin types and tones. Our professionals are experienced in tailoring treatments to ensure safety and effectiveness for every client.

You can easily book an appointment through our website or by contacting our partnered salons directly. Our representatives will assist you in selecting the right treatment and timing for your convenience.

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    A lot of our customers that choose for our treatments are more than happy Below you can read a couple testimonials that we received last month