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Meet our Team

A Trailblazer in Beauty and Grooming Industry. At the heart of Skinolour’s revolutionary approach stands the visionary founder, Dr. Sushil Chaudhary. A true pioneer in the fields of cosmetology and trichology, Dr. Chaudhary is a name synonymous with innovation and excellence. With a deep-rooted passion for transforming lives through beauty, Dr. Chaudhary embarked on a mission to blur the lines between beauty salons and specialized skin clinics.

Dr. Chaudhary’s visionary leadership has reshaped the beauty and grooming industry. Skinolour isn’t just about products and services; it’s about transforming the way salons operate. By providing beauty salons with a technological edge and expanded capabilities, Skinolour has turned the concept of traditional beauty treatments on its head. Under Dr. Chaudhary’s guidance, salons now have the tools to offer holistic and science-backed services that cater to individual needs.

A Visionary in Beauty, Culinary & Brand Building:
Behind the scenes of Skinolour’s revolutionary journey stands another visionary co-founder, Ms. Karishma Anadkat. With an impressive track record spanning over 10+ years, Ms. Anadkat is a true maven in the worlds of branding, entrepreneurship, and culinary arts. Her unique blend of expertise has helped redefine not only the way we approach beauty but also the way we experience Hungarian cuisine in India through her renowned chain of QSR, ‘Kurtosshhh.’

Ms. Karishma Anadkat’s journey is characterized by her unparalleled dedication to innovation and creating unforgettable experiences. Her insights into branding have been instrumental in shaping the identity of Skinolour as a revolutionary force in the beauty industry. Her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to quality mirror the ethos of Skinolour itself.